Sevronian Events

Here at Sevron we do multiple team building events as we believe that team work is pinnacle towards success of a business. We do things which are fun and adventurous which push our boundaries which helps us improve as individuals as well as building healthy and strong relationships with each other.

Tough Mudder 2016

The Tough Mudder event 2016 was a great experience for everyone involved, we pushed our bodies to the limit of almost 12 miles of running which included many extreme obstacles which required team work to be completed. It was a great learning curve which resulted in...

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Lake District Gorge Walking

Summer this year we all went to Lake District to do the gorge walking. It was a day full of adrenaline, fear overcoming moments and loads of fun. We worked together as a team and encouraged each other when fear kicked in during the cliff jumps.  Here at Sevron we do...

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Sevron Tough Mudder Training

Months of preparation was made with all team members feeling as though their fitness levels weren’t quite up to the task of The Tough Mudder Event 2016. After months of blood, sweat and tears of running through lakes, climbing trees and obstacles we bonded as a team...

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