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COSHH Risk Assessment Wizard™

Create professional COSHH Assessments in minutes with COSHH365™, featuring an intuitive creation wizard and unlimited access to the largest SDS database in the U.K. with over 200,000 substances. Our COSHH assessment solution provides important peace-of-mind and saves you significant time & money.

COSHH assessment software
COSHH assessment software

24/7 Access To Your Assessments & SDS

Access and manage your assessments and SDS on your desktop, laptop or phone/tablet from your one account anytime.

COSHH assessment software

100% CLP Compliant

Create CLP compliant assessments for your company to effectively manage the risks in your business and to keep you up to date with the latest regulations.

Clear Reports & KPI's

Don’t get bamboozled by figures, our clear reports and KPI’s give you complete visibility within your business. Track potential risks before they happen and prevent them.

Risk Monitoring Alerts

Track the usage of dangerous substances or hazards. Create alerts to notify and flag up assessments/substances that are potentially dangerous to employees in your business.

COSHH Assessment Software That Instantly Converts An MSDS Into A COSHH Assessment!

Using our MSDS Automation Tool™ you can instantly convert any MSDS into an 80% complete COSHH assessment that’s ready for you to add the finishing touches.

sds into coshh assessment

Data Extracted Includes:


Classification & Regulation, including CHIP & GHS.


Hazard and PPE Labelling.


Transport Information & Labelling.


GHS Hazard Statements & Precautionary Statements.


Substance Reports

Produce detailed reports of your substance usage across your business to keep on top of your inventory and give you greater visibility of the usage of any hazardous products in your business. Create reports by substance, location or even manufacturer.

Vast Managed M(SDS) Library

Quickly and easily build your substance library from our own library of over 200,000 safety data sheets. Not only that but we constantly manage and update your SDS for you so you dont have to. If a new update becomes available you will be notified and can then update it in your library and on your assessments saving you time and money.

Hazards Extracted Automatically

COSHH assessment software that lets you search our library and add your chosen substance to your assessment with a couple of clicks and it will even auto-generate hazards for the chosen substance if available.

Cant Find Your SDS? We Will Get It For You

If you can’t find your substance don’t worry, you can request it and we will go and retrieve it for you! We will even keep it up to date for you saving you the hassle of ensuring you have the latest safety data sheet.

Hazard Data

Auto-populated (M)SDS Hazard Data

Managing and controlling your substance hazards quickly and effectively – when you add a substance to your library the hazardous data is extracted from the (M)SDS and added to your library against that substance for you. Saving you the time of adding the data and allowing you to get on with the more important tasks.

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