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Meet Dale

Award Winning Author of The Book on Chemical Safety™
Director of Customer Happiness at Sevron Safety Solutions™
Founding Chairman of The International Association for Chemical Safety™
Founder of The Knights of Safety™

I believe that by listening to my customers, over 44,000 safety professionals, I have been able to respond with the safety solutions that you need. You need to save time, save money and comply with legislation. What you also need is to be able to demonstrate what difference you are making – we all have someone we are answerable to.

It is my mission to deliver you affordable safety solutions that you need to be able to record, measure and be accountable, in a manner that shows to your business how great a resource you are. My safety software solutions:

  • Improves your compliance competance,

  • Increases your awareness and visibility of risk

  • Helps you achieve your goals

  • Reduces administration time and costs


You need to be able to identify risks, adequately assess them and put safety controls in place.


You need to be able to respond to incidents and to measure and demonstrate your effectiveness.


You need to receive the recognition you deserve.

We do this by providing you with the best possible solutions for:


Incident management


Risk assessment





You know that time is money. By using safety solutions that automate many of the mundane but necessary administrative tasks, your business will save a great deal of time and you’ll achieve more of your goals.

Time Saving