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risk assessment software

Cross Device Compatible

Access & manage assessments on your desktop, laptop or phone/tablet from your one account.

compliant risk assessments

Beautifully Simple Compliant Assessments

Standardise all your risk assessments into an easy to read and graphical format that anyone can understand. They look great too

risk reporting

Risk Analysis Report

Give yourself full visibility throughout your company of the potential risks. Our report enables you to see on a per location basis any problem areas before an incident happens.

unlimited risk assessments

Unlimited Risk Assessments

Ensure every risk is covered in your business using the risk assessment forms available for Tasks, COSHH, Manual Handling and more.

The RiskAssess365™ is our all-in-one online risk assessment software solution, create standardised professional risk assessments quickly with RiskAssess 365™ Intuitive, automated, and simple to use, this incredible solution eliminates the many obstacles associated with creating and managing Risk Assessments and saves you significant time & money in the process.

Control All Your Risks

The solution includes flexible dedicated risk assessment forms for the following risks:


Tasks and Activities


Manual Handling


Working at Home


COSHH & Substances


Building Fire Risk Assessments


New & Expectant Mothers


Work Equipment (PUWER)


Working at Height


DSEAR (Dangerous Substances & Atmospheres)

risk assessment software

Flexible Risk Assessments

The risk assessments are very flexible and provide great control for your information to be fully included and reflect the activities and tasks undertaken in your workplace. With Sevron’s risk assessment software you can create your risk assessments in minutes not hours!

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