sevron-labssevron-logowhiteHere’s what we’re currently working on before ramping up to full scale production.

Newest Solutions

We are currently working on developing and testing the PUWER365™ solution. We have created a solution to the provision and use of work equipment. This covers any machinery, appliance apparatus, tool, or installation for use at work. You have a legal obligation to protect yourself and your workers when using machinery or equipment, which is then reflected upon in a Risk Assessment. PUWER365 creates a standardized Risk Assessment, which protects the user from risk and applies the right safeguards so that danger is minimized. Apart from PUWER365™ we are also working on manual handling and working at hights risk assessment solutions to further protect people from harm. 

The Knights Of Safety

A volunteer community that has been created to recognise people that deliver safety in their jobs on a daily basis. TKOS do not recognise existing safety qualifications they recognise people, their values, and their achievements. Their goal is to restore the brand of safety worldwide by rebuilding the connection with people by leveraging engaging projects and establishing a leadership team of modern-day super heroes, the Knights of Safety™.

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Virtual Reality Training

At the SHE Show, Blackpool 2016, we exhibited a short VR Demonstration to launch The National Home Safety Week™ as a method of finding our feet with developing Virtual Reality applications. Since then we have been progressing with the idea that inexpensive, endlessly repeatable, and safe training in practically unlimited situations will be of great benefit to many.

From the most simple of endeavor to literal rocket science there are no bounds to what can be achieved, besides the 4 walls.

The National Home Safety Week

In order to put The Knights of Safety on the map we needed an innovative campaign that not only saves lives but puts TKOS in the hearts and minds of people. We created The National Home Safety Week to assist people in their own homes in saving their children from avoidable accidents.
NHSW helps businesses better protect their own workforce and their children, privides a great opportunity to reconnect with their community by providing The National Home Safety Pack™ to their local nurseries and primary schools whilst growing a community of people that care about people.

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TKOS Breaking News

To coincide with The National Home Safety Week TKOS have produced the first of many Breaking News stories to bring attention to issues relevant to The Knights’ purpose.

The Books

Through our safety books, authored by our expert safety authorities who are dedicated to their profession, you will learn and deploy engaging safety best practice from the dedicated safety professional in your industry.

The Band

The worlds first Health and Safety rock band created to put TKOS on the map. People love music and we believe it is an incredible vehicle to deliver to you important information about your own safety and those you work with.

The Associations

Created to deliver best practice on a per micro-industry scale. For each safety association there is an Advisory Committe who act on behalf of all TKOS™ members for the idividual micro-industry, these people are experts specific to your industry which keeps all infomation, guidance and support relevant to you.

National Safety Weeks

A UK based charity to provide a time of focus when you can work with others to achieve hoals dedicated to a specific purpose that is relevant to you. Each National Safety Week has a set agenda which strives to improve safety awareness, improve collaboration and drive implementation within the specific micro-industry.