The Mission

Our vision is for a noble cause that requires innovation to drive us towards our destination.
Along the way we may have those who love us and those that do not but as long as our voices are heard,
we will make a difference.

“To get where we are going we need to have massive impact
and take massive action.”

Dale Allen, Founder of The Knights of Safety™

Stage 1 – Establishing our brand

In order to put The Knights of Safety™ on the map we needed a innovative campaign that not only save lives but puts TKOS™ in the hearts and minds of people. We created The National Home Safety Week™ to assist people in their own homes in saving their children from avoidable accidents. NHSW™helps businesses better protect their own workforce and their children, provides a great opportunity to reconnect with their community by providing The National Home Safety Pack™ to their local nurseries and primary schools whilst growing of community of people that care about people.

The National Home Safety Week™
Our Goal


Stage 2 – Leveraging our brand

As adoption of NHSW™ continues we will be developing The National Work Safety Week™ which will focus on The Guardian Outreach Programme™. GOP™ will be working in partnership with a number of key organisations who seek to reestablish an emotional connection between safety processes, such as risk assessment and the safety professional. This will be the forerunner in behavioural safety that will focus on identifying people injured at work that are prepared to speak out and teach others about their experiences and the impact on their lives. The goal of NWSW™ is to connect TKOS™ with safety professionals and to add real value to the safety community.

Stage 3 – Growing our brand

With our brand in the public domain and safety professionals supporting our cause, it is time to identify our Safety Authorities that will stand up and be counted in their specific micro-industry. Each authority will be responsible for contributing The Book on Safety for their micro-industry and be the figurehead for their safety association.

Example:The Book on (Nail Salon) Safety™

Stage 4 – Governing our brand

Having chosen our Safety Authority for a particular micro-industry, it is time to establish The Safety Association™ and to identify each key member of the Advisory Committee that will help govern the association and provide support to the Safety Authority. The association will then identify the qualified safety professionals that will support the association and it’s professional members as The Safety Delivery Authority™.

Example: The International Association for Nail Salon Safety™

 Stage 5 – Owning our brand

To own our brand we must recognise and reward the people that make it work. Once a year there we will hold The International Knights of Safety Awards™ to award people that make a measurable difference. There will also we association level certification in each micro-industry awarded by the Advisory Committee.

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