The Vision

It is imperative that the negative social dogma surrounding Health and Safety
be improved to protect our future generations.
Sevron have formed our volunteer community called The Knights of Safety™
to rebrand safety across our planet.

“The most important thing in safety since common sense.”

Dale Allen, Founder of The Knights of Safety™

The Knights of Safety™

The Knights of Safety™ (TKOS) is a volunteer community that has been
created to recognise people that deliver safety in their jobs on a daily basis.
TKOS do not recognise existing safety qualifications, we recognise people,
their values and their achievements. Our goal is to restore the brand of
safety worldwide by rebuilding the connection with people by leveraging
engaging projects and establishing a leadership team of modern-day super
heroes, our Knights of Safety™. Our ‘Safety Authorities’ will eventually
influence individual microindustries and help to restore the brand of safety.

The Books on Safety™

TKOS™ create authorities in safety. Through our safety books, authored
by our expert safety authorities who are dedicated to their profession, you
will learn and deploy engaging safety best practice from the dedicated
safety professional in your industry. No longer will you take advice from
people with safety qualifications that have little or no experience of doing
your job. You’ll learn how to cut corners that add little to no value and
concentrate your efforts in the areas of safety that through real experience,
save lives.

The Safety Associations™

TKOS™ created The Safety Associations™ to deliver best practice on a per micro-industry scale. For each safety association there is an Advisory Committee who act on behalf of all TKOS™ members for the individual micro-industry, these people are experts specific to your industry which keeps all information, guidance and support relevant to you.
With a leadership team of industry respected people in place, 
from a multitude of backgrounds (least of all safety), we will  ensure guidance is excepted at every level, down to the operator.

The International Association for Chemical Safety™

The National Safety Weeks™

TKOS™ created The National Safety Weeks™, a UK based charity, to provide a time of focus when you can work with others to achieve goals dedicated to a specific purpose that is relevant to you. Each National Safety Week has a set agenda which strives to improve safety awareness, improve collaboration and drive implementation within the specific microindustry.

The National Home Safety Week™

The Safety Band™

TKOS™ created The Safety Band™ to put TKOS™ on the map.
People love music and we believe it is an incredible vehicle to deliver to you,
important information about your own safety and those you work with.
Each and every song produced by The Knights of Safety Band™ is dedicated to
the experiences of experts in each microindustry and their knowledge of
common hazards that can be avoided using a little duediligence.

The Safety Band™

The Executive Commitee™

TKOS™ created The Executive Committee™, to attract high achieving
people from a multitude of professional backgrounds, all with a passion to
help save people at their core and to direct the future of safety.
The Executive Committee™ will make higher level decisions that provides
guidance to each of The Safety Associations™.

The Safeties™

TKOS™ created The Safeties™ awards to recognise people throughout all micro-industries that achieve great things in safety, whether this be improving the brand of safety, implementing safer practice or creating new technology. The awards ceremony will take place once a year at
The International Knights of Safety Awards™.

The Core Team™

TKOS™ created The Core Team™ to support the administration of
The Knights of Safety™. These volunteers provide the backbone to
TKOS™ and without their support TKOS™ would not be able to function.
Currently The Core Team™ is made up of The Sevronians™
and a few chosen people outside of Sevron.

The Sevronians™

Our Mission

Changing safety for the better

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